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T&C HAZELNUT Flavoured Ground Coffee 125 g
T&C HAZELNUT Flavoured Ground Coffee 125 g
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T&C Hazelnut Flavoured Ground Coffee 125 g

Ingredients: 100% Arabica (medium strong) natural flavoured ground coffee.

Hazelnut flavoured coffee is a wonderful sweet treat to all enthusiastic coffee lovers. The captivating smooth flavour of roasted coffee beans is harmoniously combined with the delicious, slightly sweet and very tender aroma of ripe hazelnuts. This coffee can be used as a base for other beverages and desserts. Lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, coffee milkshakes will become way tastier if this particular product will be used as the main ingredient. The nutty note blends especially well with refined Arabica coffee beans, since it has the same delicate sweetness.

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